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Mission of the Library

Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Stanhope Public Library to provide open and equal access to information, resources, and services in order to meet the informational, educational, cultural and recreational needs of the community. The library seeks to encourage reading and the use of current technology and recorded materials to cultivate life-long learning and the enhancement of the individual’s quality of life. It is the library’s desire to contribute to a brighter future for our community by supporting our citizens in their lifelong search for intellectual, recreational and vocational information and enrichment. We will strive to nurture the children and youth of our community by giving them access to the exciting world of ideas and helping them develop their sense of curiosity.

Values Statement
• We believe that a free public library is essential to the public good.
• We believe that all library users have the right to equal access to the library and its services.
• We appreciate the unique qualities of all individuals and believe all human beings should be treated with respect and consideration, being sensitive to human differences.
Vision Statement
The vision of the Stanhope Public Library is to be a destination which serves as a civic space encompassing the roles of public library, cultural arts center, and community gathering spot. The library exists to be an essential community institution serving both individual and societal needs. It is a safe and friendly place where people can connect socially and intellectually, allowing people of all ages to live more fulfilled and productive lives.
The Stanhope Public Library will seek to fulfill our mission by:
• Maintaining a well-balanced collection of books, periodicals, audio-visual materials, technology and other resources, as well as access to current and vital information.
• Serving as a gateway to a dynamic global network of information, i.e. public internet access.
• Giving guidance and advice in the use of library materials and the technology which houses them.
• Cooperating with community groups, agencies and schools by stimulating and providing educational and cultural activities.
• Seeking to identify the needs of library patrons and meeting those needs within the scope of library resources.
• Presenting programs on a variety of subjects in appropriate formats for children, young adults and adults.
• Providing efficient, friendly and courteous service by trained and committed staff.

The Stanhope Public Library cherishes and appreciates the past contributions of Stanhope’s citizens who came before us and honors the community’s investments in traditional resources and collections, while at the same time encourages people to explore new opportunities through diverse formats.