Five Year Goals and Objectives

Last updated: October 2019

Goal #1: Keeping SPL relevant in the 21st Century:  The residents of Stanhope will find improved library services as our library continues to evoke a sense of place that captures the essence of a rural community in Iowa; a place that is safe, familiar, and comfortable, with a contemporary feel that shows that although it is a small town, it is connected to the wider region and world. It will also evoke a sense of pride that looks towards the future, enriching lives by providing a means of social and cultural interaction. 

Objective #1:   

a.  Foster community partnerships for library programs and services.

b.  Host a diverse range of programs for all ages that encourage a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world while promoting social engagement with neighbors.

c.  Hold large community events at least twice a year.

d.  Annual assessment every June of past, present, and future programming.  Goal #2:  Access & Outreach:  Provide and promote access to all library services and materials to all library users through both in-house and outreach efforts.

Objective #1: 

a.       February through April of 2018 reorganize collection in order to provide a flexible and adaptable physical space that is accessible to all patrons. (Shelves, tables)

b.      Provide interactive children’s spaces that encourage a love of learning and             exploration.

c.       Summer of 2018, explore possible areas for makerspaces.

d.      Continue to improve and promote new website. 

e.       By January 2019, develop welcome packet with an overview of library collections, services and calendar of future events.

f.        Request feedback from patrons on ways the library can improve.

g.      Annual assessment of surveys, statistics to identify trends.

Goal #3:  Technology: The Stanhope Public Library will adapt services as new technology becomes available. The residents of Stanhope will find improved library services as the library stays abreast of current and emerging technologies, plans for their use, and implements them into the librarys program of service.

Objective #1:  

a.       Beginning FY 2019 evaluate usage of public library computers. Assess five year replacement cycle for desktop machines.

b.      FY2018/2019 explore public access to electronic devices – laptops, eReaders, tablets – either to circulate or for use inside the library.

Goal #4:  The Stanhope Public Library will develop new offerings to patrons as community needs change. The residents of Stanhope will find improved library services as the library continues to expand its informational resources in relationship to their work, education, personal lives, and their community and cultural experiences.

Objective #1:  

a. Development and continued enhancement of a comprehensive family literacy program, encouraging parents to emphasize the importance of reading with their children, and encouraging family visits to the library.